Thrilling Mystery Novels by Ernest Francis Schanilec

I have written fifteen novels and they are all available for purchase on this website. NOTE: I have reduced the PRICE’S on all the books. Singly now, they are $12, except War & Beyond,The Wall and Texas Bomber. Those three are SET at $14.There are nine mystery-suspense books, three historical-fiction, and three new releases, all thrillers. They are all called Hastings Novels because of a family which originated at the beginning of the Civil War in Missouri. This family migrates through the war and further history, including the First World War and Second World War.

Tom Hastings is the main character in the nine mystery novels, and he is a descendant of the Hastings family who was caught up in the Civil War. He is also the main character in the two thriller novels: Texas Bomber and The Wall. I am pleased to announce that all my novels have above-average print, and that they all are free of nasty language. I always enjoy hearing from new readers.

The three historical novels: Gray Riders; Gray Riders II and War & Beyond are flashbacks to Tom Hastings’s family during the Civil War and beyond. They can be read independently. I recommend that Gray Riders be read before Gray Riders II.

The Hastings novels are all listed below:

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