Mystery-Suspense & Historical Fiction Novels

Blue Darkness: Hastings’s vacation on a Gulf Coast island in Florida is interrupted by a hostile search for a priceless gem. A Saudi Prince, and Atlanta criminal and the FBI are in hot pursuit.

The Towers: Tom Hastings takes on a serial killer in a Minneapolis apartment high-rise near Lake Calhoun. His friend Julie and other residents struggle to survive

Danger in the Keys: The dark cloud that followed Tom Hastings from central Minnesota to Minneapolis clings to him like jam does to bread during a vacation trip to Florida. He is trapped in the midst of a circle of greedy people who stop at nothing, including murder, to gain possession of a rare, priceless gem. The story opens on Highway 75 in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. A young woman driving a small Chevrolet passes Hastings and sails over a railing onto a steep slope. This is the beginning of a classic adventure for the bachelor from Minnesota.

Purgatory Curve: Back home, Hastings creates another mystery after seeing someone jump from a pickup truck just before being hit by a train, killing a well-to-do elderly local farmer. The victim’s daughter drags him into the investigation.

Gray Riders: The sons of several ranchers located in western Missouri during the Civil War become known as the Gray Riders. They protect the residents from local marauders and Union attackers. Grady Hastings becomes their leader.

Sleep Six: A six-year old girl’s mother is assaulted by six men. May years later, after her mother’s death, she moves back to Minnesota and takes the law into her own hands.

Night out in Fargo: A senator’s nephew rides to a fiery death and thus begins a series of hostile actions in the Border’s Lake area of Minnesota and the cities of Fargo and West Fargo, North Dakota

Gray Riders II: The Gray Riders survive the Civil War. They return to ranching and defending their homes. US Marshalls, stagecoaches and the James-Younger gang become prominent. The Hastings family migrates to Minnesota.

Ice Lord: A man with a deranged mind punishes ice-fisherman for fishing on Sundays in the winter months in the state of Minnesota. A mass number of cigarette thefts in nearby small towns complicates the police investigation.

Rio Grande Identity: Tom Hastings takes his new friend Samantha to Texas for the winter. She invests in a scam. Can Hastings recover her loss?

War & Beyond: This is a sequel to Gray Riders II. The Hastings family has moved to Minnesota and get caught up in World War I, prohibition, Stock Market crash, depression and World War II. Tom Hastings makes his first appearance as a member of the family

Revenge: Tom Hastings and Samantha visit his Great-Grandfathers farm and town in Missouri. Shockingly they discover that the ghastly family that tormented the local ranchers during Civil War days and afterwards, still exist.

The Wall looms over the Texas desert like a sentinel, dividing the United States from their Mexican neighbors. To some it is a comfort, to others it is a barrier to opportunity and a better life. The structure becomes a battlefield as supporters and detractors clash in the shadow of the Wall. Tom and Samantha Hastings are drawn into a violent struggle with anarchists, millionaires and world leaders. The Wall, the 14th book in the Tom Hastings series, gives an in-depth look at the complex issues surrounding the United States southern border.

Texas Bomber Tom and Samantha Hastings, warm weather Minnesotans and winter Texans, are currently enjoying the balmy climate at Texas Palms Resort in Donna, Texas. Their stay is interrupted by a stranger named Nick, who offers Tom a part-time job: ferrying oil tanker truckers from Texas Palms across the border to Progreso, Mexico, where they will set off on their run to Bloomington, Minnesota. Tom quickly accepts, but Samantha soon has concerns about the legitimacy of the job. Her reservations deepen when first one man and then another are murdered at Texas Palms, blown up in their golf carts. Both men are far from being innocent victims. They seem to belong to a rival organization seeking to interfere with the company Tom works for.

South Padre Shark Sammy Hastings won a month at the Wave’s Plaza on Texas’s South Padre Island. She and her husband, Tom, look forward to a relaxing stay at the elegant beachside high-rise. But a killer lurking at the Plaza has other plans, boldly murdering and robbing a woman within Sammy’s view while she and her husband have dinner on their first night.

Mockingbird Hill is a classic climb for some people living in or near the small towns of Kirksville, Vergas and Frazee. One of the climbers, Dante Carson, is assaulted in the old house up on the Hill. He nearly dies, but survives. The investigation by the local police moves along slowly, and Dante begins his own. He finds a suspect who he believes was his attacker. As he continues to climb the Hill, Dante discovers that Mockingbird Hill has more than one suspect lurking about.

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