Historical, Mystery, Suspense & Adventure Book Author

Historical, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense AuthorErnest Francis Schanilec began writing novels after retiring from a career in Dentistry in 1994. His practices had been located in Cavalier, West Fargo and Fargo, all in North Dakota.

He attended the University of North Dakota and eventually graduated from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Schanilec was born and raised in the Red River Valley of the North, in the vicinity of Forest River, Minto and Grafton. He first eight years of education took place in a one room school house, located in Ops township of Walsh County. The first adult book he read was Gone With the Wind.

Good clean fiction books are hard to find. This author doesn’t use naughty four letter words, nor explicit sexual scenes. Upper grade school kids can read these books. They are good reading for all genders and all age levels.

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